Store cryptocurreny securely without comission for receiving and sending

PayWallet is your personal wallet for save
and convinient storage of cryptocurrency without paying any fees.

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Advantages of the service

Fast execution of operations

All ctions with cryptocurrency take only few seconds: funds are credited and sent instantly.

Simple connection and configuration of the service

Everyone can recieve cryptocurrency: both an individual and a business.

Secure transactions

A cryptographic protocol SSL is used when performing operations.

Anonymity of the client

You do not need to specify your data when calculating with cryptocurrency because all transactions are anonymous.

Convenience of payments for the payer

Payment via PayWallet is possible by generating a payment page. When it is not convinient for the recipient for some reason, they just need to generate an address to receive the payment..

Cryptocurrency wallet without blocking

The service does not block or freeze funds on the account. All operations with cryptocurrency can be performed only by the user of the service, as their sole owner.

Available cryptocurrencies

Did not find the right currency? Please, write to our email and we will discuss this problem

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