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Network Fee is a commission that must be paid to make a payment via blockchain. There are no fixed amounts – the commission depends on the state of the network, and on exchange rates in case of stablecoins. Network Fee is paid by the sender. Processing Fee is a fee for withdrawing funds from the accounts of a sender, which is present only in certain directions and is always charged to the recipient. The amount of Processing Fee is most often 2-3 times higher than the Network Fee for the same payment

Find the "Technical" section in the settings of the merchant. Turn the value "Accept any amount" off and save the innovations.

PayWallet is a payment system that provides transactions. If the user has problems with a third service, it is necessary to solve the them with a support of the service.

Please contact the support service of the site in favor of which the transaction was carried out directly.

Ethereum is characterized by a high speed of payments, but individual transactions are completed only after a few hours – this is a normal situation.

Contact the support service, if the address is still in our database, then we will be able to refund your money

PayWallet is often attacked, but protection is provided both by our own security service and by the involvement of third–party specialists - DDoS-Guard, Blitz-Host, Imperva, Cloudflare.

Blockchain does not assume such a possibility – if the payment has passed, it is impossible to turn it back. The only option is to contact the recipient and ask them to make a payment back.

Yes, of course. Our payment system also allows you to accept payments via any projects

No, we are not an exchanger. But in the future, such an opportunity may appear in our service

Most payments are made automatically, and if a payment has failed for some reason, the system marks it as canceled. The money is returned to the balance within 12-24 hours – during this time, the PayWallet security service must check why the transaction was failed and make sure that no unauthorized users tried to access the funds.

PayWallet focuses on instant payments with no limit on their number over a period of time. The transaction will be sent to the network as soon as the user orders the payment.

There is a special password recovery form for this.

The administration returns similar payments sent by mistake. You need to fill out a special form to do this. The refund will be credited to the account within 3 days without the 10% commission and the balance of the main cryptocurrency.

First, send another 15 TRX there, then use the return form. The refund service involves collecting a commission of 10% and the balance of the main cryptocurrency. The expected time to receive a refund is 3 days.

Make another payment in the amount of 0.02 ETH to the same details, then fill out the refund form. The cost of the service is 10% of the payment amount plus the balance of the main cryptocurrency. You will be able to get your funds back within 3 days.

Contact the technical support of the service in favor of which the payment was made.

Contact our support team.

Probably, the PayWallet system failed to deliver the notification to the site after 5 attempts. It is possible to send a notification manually – find your completed transaction and click "Send IPN". If there is a problem during sending, the user will see instructions for solving it. If this does not help, contact the developers of the site. A firewall of the user can block the sending of notifications – then you need to add notifications from our IP addresses specified on a special page to whitelist. Notifications do not come in case of underpayment, if the merchant has disabled permission to accept any amount, then the accrual must be carried out manually. To prevent the problem from repeating, make sure that the script is designed to accept any amounts, and allow this in the settings of a merchant.