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The PayWallet cryptocurrency payment automation service allows you to quickly and comfortably accept online payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other various tokens. The electronic currency system is based on modern software for safe transactions. Create your own cryptocurrency wallet, automate payments and store the funds received with convenience.

Our features

  • There is no need to verify the identity of a person before making cryptocurrency payments, which allows our clients to maintain absolute anonymity.
  • It is enough to add a merchant to accept payments from customers to automate the process.
  • The ability to create API accesses and add allowed IP addresses in the settings.
  • Payment transactions via PayWallet service significantly save the time of the user by generating a payment page filled with the necessary details. Our service provides the ability to generate an address for receiving payment.
  • The money sent to the recipient in the PayWallet system is credited to the account in a short period of time and without moderation of the transaction.
  • The generation of addresses for transactions is available without restrictions on their number and validity period.
  • Electronic cryptocurrency exchangers allow you to track incoming transfers thanks to timely incoming notifications, and you can also use the data monitoring method.
  • PayWallet guarantees fast execution of payments. Both senders and recipients have the ability to track transactions.
  • It is profitable to make a cryptocurrency wallet, since blocking or freezing of funds on the account that belong to the sole account owner is excluded.
  • In case of difficulties with standard payments due to technical reasons or unforeseen circumstances, the transaction is carried out at the expense of stock funds.
  • There are no additional payments In our service, only a commission for conducting operations with money is provided. The client only needs to create a cryptocurrency wallet for transfers and deposits of funds.
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