Payment acceptance in cryptocurrency

  • Most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dogecoin and others).
  • Convenient cryptocurrency acceptance for business.
  • There is no strict moderation.
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PayWallet is a simple way to accept payments in cryptocurrency

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Our opportunities

Integration of popular cryptocurrencies

Our service is a financial complex for accepting cryptocurrencies. You can work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano, etc..

Use for business and personal storage of cryptocurrencies

The PayWallet service is relevant because it can be used as a merchant for stores, trading platforms. It is also relevant for those who want to safely and securely store their personal savings.


We do not require verification and the provision of personal data, preserving the anonymity of service users as much as possible.

Receipt of money without moderation of transactions

The funds sent are credited to the multicurrency crypto wallet instantly. And the service does not put restrictions on withdrawal, so the transfer amount can be any.

There are no blocks

There are no blocking or freezing of the account, as in a bank. The only owner of the crypt wallet is only the one who opened it.


Generating a payment page for payment. All the details are already there, so it will be easy for the buyer to send the crypt.