Private Policy

The main provisions of the Privacy Policy of the users of

1. General conditions

1.1 This Privacy Policy applies to the website “ ”, located at the web address

1.2 The stated Document is intended to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data of users of the service. It outlines the conditions governing the relationship between the Administration of the service and those who use it.

1.3 The text of the Document includes the terms of the public offer, which is publicly available on the pages of the site

1.4 The use of the above-mentioned site and registration on it with subsequent access to the services indicates that the subject is familiar with and has accepted the Policy of confidential functioning of the site, as well as agrees with the terms of processing of their personal data.

1.5 By not agreeing to the arrangements set out in this document, the User must abandon the crypto wallet on

1.6 The obligations of this document are valid only within the framework of

2. Basic terminology

2.1 Service administration are related to , managing and organizing its functioning. The obligations of the Administration of the payment system include:

  • performing PoA collection and analysis;
  • designation of tasks performed with the collected data, including those related to processing;
  • coordination of the volume of information intended for processing.

2.2 User data includes personal information belonging to an individual or any other entity using the service, not only directly, but also indirectly.

2.3 Processing of personal user data is one or more actions performed with personal user data when using the crypto wallet service through automation tools or without them. Such actions include:

  • data capture;
  • systematization by sections;
  • secure storage;
  • clarification if necessary, updating the PoA if important changes have occurred;
  • extraction from the database and use the data if necessary;
  • disclosure, if it is required to ensure the security of the service;
  • leveling, blocking;
  • deleting PoA from

2.4 Confidentiality of user data is a mandatory requirement concerning persons who have access to personal information. Disclosure of PoA without the consent of the User without legal permissions is prohibited.

2.5 Service user is a legal entity who has access to the wallet by using the Site.

2.6 Cookies are small text files sent by WEB services. Saved on the personal computer of the web surfer. They are sent as an HTTP/HTTPS request by both the browser and the WEB client when opening pages

2.7 An IP address is a numeric combination of a unique composition that is assigned to a computer or mobile device operating over the TCP/IP protocol.

3. Scope of PP application

3.1 The stated Policy is a guarantee of the preservation of private information about the User by the Administration and creates the secrecy of personal data provided during registration on the site.

3.2 The data specified by the User for processing with mandatory compliance with the terms of the Privacy Policy is transmitted to the site Administration by filling out a form on the web resource during registration.

3.3 User personal data with a static "Pixel" script, which is transmitted automatically when visiting the site and creating a merchant account, is protected by the Privacy Policy.

3.4 Disabling cookies may restrict access to those sections of the site that function by authorization.

3.5 The website stores the IP address of each web surfer, since such data is relevant for the rapid detection of technical malfunctions of the service and their solutions. Recording such information also allows you to control the legality of virtual operations performed by account owners.

3.6 The rest of the information not specified above is securely stored in the account, so it is not disclosed and is not distributed.

4. The main purposes of collecting and processing Personal User Information

4.1 All personal data that the User transmits to the Administration is intended for:

  • identification of the person registering on the service;
  • opportunities to provide access to content and services on the Site;
  • communication of the Administration with the account owner to be able to solve important issues with him, including technical ones, deliver notifications, notify about updates and fulfill requests;
  • providing quick technical support to the service users if the problems are related to the poor operation of the Site;
  • confirmation of the correctness of the data provided by the User, clarification of important nuances;
  • opportunities to create an account with which you can work with cryptocurrency.

5. terms and methods of personal data processing

5.1 The use of the personal data of the User has no time limits. Their processing is carried out by all legal means, one of which is information systems using software hardware. Non-hardware methods can also be used.

5.2 In case of loss or disclosure of personal information, the site Administration must notify the owner of the account on the service about this.

5.3 The administration of PayWallet undertakes all technical and organizational nuances that ensure the protection of personal data from misuse by third parties, including the following:

  • random authorization;
  • deleting of the account;
  • making unauthorized edits by the user;
  • blocking;
  • sending spam;
  • copying of the content and data.

5.4 To prevent damage or any other unpleasant consequences associated with the loss or disclosure of personal data, the Administration is fully ready to cooperate with the User. Mutual cooperation will make it possible to take the necessary measures.

6. Responsibilities of the User and Administration

6.1 The responsibilities of the User include:

  • transfer of information required at the request of the service before creating a crypto wallet;
  • timely entry and updating of data, if there has been a change.

6.2 The duties of the Administration:

  • use of information solely for the purposes specified in paragraph 4 of this Document;
  • complete safety of information before opening a merchant account;
  • non-disclosure in any way - by sale, exchange, publication and others;
  • taking all necessary measures to protect PoA;
  • data blocking at the request of the User, his representative or authorized bodies.

7. Responsibility of the parties

7.1 The site administration is not responsible for the losses incurred due to the illegal or illegal use of the payment system.

7.2 Exemption from liability also occurs if the reason for the loss or disclosure of data becomes the public availability of information even before its loss, the transfer of data from third parties, the disclosure of PoA for a written decision of the User.

8. Summory

8.1 All disagreements between the parties are resolved by submitting an application with the essence of the claims in written electronic form.

8.2 The recipient of the claim must provide an electronic response with the results of the application review within 30 days.

8.3 The site Administration has the right to unilaterally change the Privacy Policy.

8.4 The new edition of the PP begins to operate from the moment of publication on the website

8.5 Comments, questions and suggestions can be reported in writing by email or via tickets.