User agreement

1. General terms

1.1 This User Agreement belongs to the PayWallet website located at the web address:

1.2 It is intended for the settlement of relations between the Administration of PayWallet and its Users. Published in text format, permanently posted on the page / and contains all the relevant provisions of the contract proposals. By creating an account using a cryptocurrency wallet or other services on the site, you confirm that you have read, accepted and understand the terms of the current public offer, as well as agree to possible subsequent changes or important additions to it during the entire period of cooperation.

1.3 The relevant approval of this offer is considered to be compliance with such actions:

  • study of the terms of this Agreement, as well as all the appendices that relate to it;
  • the use of exclusively accurate and reliable information about the User when entering it in the "Registration" section, including the email address;
  • inserting the required mark in a specially designated field of the registration form under the heading "I accept the agreement";
  • clicking the "register" button at the end of filling out the registration form on the website;
  • the email address entered in the "Registration" section will be used to receive a letter containing confidential information, in particular a password to log in to your account on the service. The data will be automatically displayed and saved in your personal accoun.
  • accomplishment

After confirmation of registration in the cryptocurrency wallet by the User by clicking the "register" button and a notification of its successful completion appears on the screen, all the conditions specified in this Agreement become binding for both parties.

2. Basic concepts

In this User Agreement, concepts meaning the following are indicated, unless the text indicates their other meaning:

2.1 The agreement, which everyone who is going to use cryptocurrency wallets should read, is a User Agreement.

2.2 PayWallet is a payment service that provides a certain list of services and contains data about them.

2.3 The user of the service is a subject who has access to PayWallet via the Internet, and he can use the Site.

2.4 Authorized to manage the work of a web resource are its employees who perform the duty of Administration.

2.5 To identify a web surfer, a quick and direct connection between the PayWallet owners registered on the Site or the Administration, a Ticket is used.

2.6 Cryptocurrency is an electronic type of currency that does not have a central issuer, so it is distributed directly among its holders.

2.7 Fiat currency – monetary funds issued by the government. It is partially used at the legislative level as an official means of payment in the country where it is issued.

2.8 Tariffs – this term refers to the accrued remuneration for the services provided in the crypto wallet without verification in favor of PayWallet.

2.9 Personal account - a combination of protected pages generated during registration on the site.

2.10 A website is a collection of texts, images, graphic elements and design elements, photos, video materials, computer programs, as well as any other developments of intellectual activity, the main task of which is to ensure the availability of source data to everyone who uses a cryptocurrency wallet.

3. Object of the contract

3.1 The subject of this User Agreement is to provide access to all information contained on the site to account holders.

3.2 Its effect applies to all existing (currently working) web resource services, as well as those modifications that may appear in the future.

3.3 Access to PayWallet is not paid.

3.4 The contract refers to public offers, therefore, when entering the site, viewing information and using the resource, the User accepts it.

4. Rights and obligations

4.1 The rights of the PayWallet Administration include the following:

  • the possibility of changing the rules of operation of the Site and its content. Any changes are considered effective immediately after they are posted in the new version on the resource.

4.2 User rights:

  • the ability to freely use all the services provided by PayWallet.
  • access to the feedback form or ticket for asking questions about all services.
  • preservation and concealment of confidential information by the Administration at the request of the merchant owner.

4.3 By using a cryptocurrency wallet, as well as other PayWallet services, the User agrees:

  • transmit additional information to the Administration upon its request, if such information relates to the services provided by the service.
  • support the rights of authors, both proprietary and non-proprietary, as well as all other copyright holders when using the Site.
  • not to perform any actions, the performance of which can be recorded as disrupting the normal functioning of the website.
  • to maintain the confidentiality of information without distributing it within the boundaries of the Site, as well as to avoid all actions assessed as a violation of data privacy.
  • use the resource to distribute advertising information only with the permission of the Administration. In all other cases, the account owner undertakes not to distribute advertising. The exception is the referral program.

5. Responsibility of the parties

5.1 The PayWallet Administration does not compensate for losses incurred due to intentional or unintentional careless violation of the above terms of the Agreement. This also applies to unauthorized access to other information of the user.

5.2 Ответственность Администрация не несет в следующих случаях:

  • in case of failures or delays in operations with crypto currency if they arise due to force majeure, as well as in case of malfunction of a computer, telecommunications, electrical system or any other affecting the operation of a web resource;
  • with the operation of bank transfer systems, payment systems, as well as delays in their operation;
  • in case of improper operation of the Site, if this is due to the lack of technical means from the owner of the cryptocurrency wallet itself.

6. Changing the current terms of the public offer

6.1 PayWallet may unilaterally change the terms of use, tariffs, as well as the Privacy Policy of the service. All changes take effect immediately after they are published in the new edition and must be observed by the User. To fulfill this condition, the registered account owner must familiarize himself with the update, and his use of the service means acceptance of the changes..

6.2 In case of disagreement with the new edition, it is necessary to stop using the crypto wallet online.

7. Intellectual property rights

7.1 The website contains objects of intellectual property rights. Their owners are the Administration, its affiliates and all other interested parties.

7.2 Using a cryptocurrency wallet, the User gives his consent and recognizes the copyright protection of the results of intellectual activity, on the basis of which the content structure and the content of the resource are created. Intellectual property extends to all forms and media now and in the future.

7.3 In order to avoid discrepancies in interpretation when committing violations, it is prohibited:

  • create copies, distribute objects of intellectual rights posted on the site /. An exception may be the situation when such actions are necessary for work;
  • use or copy the software, content, Website design, perform actions aimed at changing all of the above;
  • publish personal information without consent;
  • use offensive, profane and infringing words as a login, nickname when registering in a crypto wallet.

8. Summory

8.1 Dispute resolution terms:

  • ;access to the online cryptocurrency wallet may be blocked by the Administration without notice for violation of the Agreement or other documents relating to its use
  • all disagreements and disputes between the Parties must be laid out in writing and sent by e-mail;
  • the recipient of the email must notify the Sender in writing of the decision after consideration of the dispute or claim.

8.2 This agreement can be changed only by the Administration.